Study Tips From Phoebe

Posted on Jan 9, 2014

Study Tips From Phoebe 1

Need help getting focused? Take a look at these study tips from the nicest know-it-all in town, Phoebe Thunderman!

Tip #1: Clear your mind and take deep breaths.
Just be careful you don't breathe too deep, or you might freeze your notes!

Study Tips From Phoebe 2

Tip #2: Lock your door to keep out pesky siblings.
When you have a little brother with super speed and a little sister with laser vision, this is doubly important. Especially when you need to get homework done.

Study Tips From Phoebe 3

Tip #3: DON'T get distracted by cellphones or other electronics.
Unless it's your crush on the line! Then you must drop everything immediately.

Study Tips From Phoebe 4

Tip #4: Make sure your brother isn't using your science books for evil.
How can you study your chemistry notes if your brother is too busy using them to make fart bombs?

Study Tips From Phoebe 5

Tip #5: Don't forget to eat delicious brain food, like kelp chips!
Healthy food is great for getting focused... That's why they call it SUPER food!

Study Tips From Phoebe 6

Tip #6: Take juggling breaks frequently.
If you're interested in getting extra credit, there's no easier way to up your grade than by impressing your teachers with some awesome juggling skills. If you want to be as cool as Phoebe, that is.

This super girl has all the answers, whether it comes to fighting evil or passing algebra. Be smart and take a page out of her book!

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