Throwback Thursday: Keke Palmer and The Biebs!

Posted on Sep 6, 2012


It seems like ages ago that international singing sensation Justin Bieber was still a young up-and-comer in the music biz. But did you know that it was on True Jackson, VP that he first explored his acting aspirations? That's right, Justin's first-ever TV acting gig was on the set with our very own Keke Palmer! So, for this week's Throwback Thursday, we dug up these oh-so-adorable pics of Justin and the cast from the episode, "True Concert." Check them out!!


Awww, he was cute as a button from the very start! We think these two make great acting partners.


Justin was happy to make his acting debut on Nick, too. Turns out, he's a huge Spongebob fan!


On "True Concert," Keke and the gang pretended to deliver a pizza to Justin's studio. It was totally worth it to get this celeb at their school.


Now that both Keke and Justin are super-celebs, they're due for another on-screen performance together. Don't you think?


Justin performed his hit single, "One Time," on the set of the show. So, to make this Throwback Thursday complete, we brought you the clip! Check it out.

We hope you enjoyed this special edition of Throwback Thursday (Bieber-fied). Check in next week for more throwback clips and pics!


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