Throwback Thursday: The BTR Boys - Then and Now!

Posted on Aug 2, 2012


With two albums and two tours under their belts in just over two years, it's safe to say the Big Time boys have made it, well, to the big time! It seems like only yesterday when the show officially premiered (on January 18th, 2010). Since then, they've gone on the 'Better With U' tour, recorded two more seasons of the show, and are currently on their 'Big Time Summer Tour'. Phew! Time flies when you're in Big Time Rush!

But for this week's Throwback Thursday, we thought it'd be fun to see how much Logan Henderson, Kendall Schmidt, Carlos Pena, and James Maslow have changed over the course of their sky-rocketing careers. Here's what the guys looked like back in 2010! Notice any differences? James' long hair? Logan's baby face? Awww! So adorable!


And here's what they look like now! What do ya know, the boys still look hip as ever (as you could've guessed)...but with a few updates. James' highlights and long locks are a thing of the past, and Kendall and Carlos gave themselves a tidy trim too. And even though these guys look great no matter what the year, we dig their grown-up (and gelled up) look! How about you?

Oh, and speaking of hair gel, check out our Throwback Thursday clip below from one of the first Big Time Rush episodes ever!

James sure does love his hair products, and he's gonna need some after that splash! The boys have definitely come a long way since their Nick debut, and they're only getting bigger and better. Don't forget to check in for our exclusive updates from the 'Big Time Summer Tour', and as always, keep Rushing!

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