Throwback Thursday: Victorious

Posted on Jul 26, 2012


The Victorious bunch has had bundles of adventures over the years. But even though the gang has had its share of mischief and mishap, it's clear the crew grows closer with every episode (even Tori and Jade are getting along!). But we thought it'd be fun to remember a moment from way back in the first season, when the group was experiencing a little bit of abnormal drama. Nope, we're not talking about Jade and Tori. We're actually talking about Robbie!

Matt Bennett's character may be a lovable goof, but he got himself into some hot water when he started his 'Robarazzi' blog, twisting the truth about his pals at Hollywood Arts. Roll the clip!

Yikes! Nobody likes to have rumors spread about them, especially over the web! This definitely wasn't one of Robbie's finer moments, but at least he learned his lesson...saving your blog isn't worth losing your friends. After all, where would the gang be without Robbie and Rex?! He made the right choice.


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