Throwback Thursdays: One Direction Then & Now

Posted on May 17, 2012


It's time for this week's Thursday Throwback starring the beautiful Brits from One Direction! Yes, we know that the guys are pretty new to the fame game (it's only been two years since they starred on the UK's X-Factor and formed the band in front of millions of viewers). But a lot has changed in only a short amount of time. Not only have the guys gone from a group of normal teens to one of the most popular pop bands to ever walk the globe, but their look has done a total 180. Check this throwback pic of the boys from their 2010 debut, and compare it to where they are today!


When the boys first stepped into the spotlight, they were five normal guys eager to share their talents with the world. Awe, how adorbs!


Now, they're the definition of all that's cool. Not only do they look more mature (and better styled) but their hair has gotten a total revamp. Okay, maybe Zayn's mane is the same. But Liam's locks are snipped short and so are Louis'!

What do you guys think of 1D's look then and now? Do you like their style in 2012? Or are you partial to the throwback?


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