Uncle Vinnie DOs And DON'Ts

Posted on Feb 28, 2013

Vinnie Do Don't 1

Jerry Trainor is one seriously funny dude. But there's one thing we've noticed about the kooky roles that he plays on TV. They're all a little...how do we put this? Accident prone! Hanging out with Jerry's on-screen characters could be a little bit dangerous. So, we put together a list of DOs and DON'Ts for his newest counterpart, Uncle Vinnie from Wendell and Vinnie! If you ever find yourself hanging around Vinnie, here's what you should do, and here's what you should avoid at all costs...

DON'T: Leave open containers of glue (or anything sticky for that matter) around Vinnie. He's been known to glue his hands to his knees. Seriously. That happened.

Vinnie Do Don't 2

DON'T: Hire Vinnie as your personal chef. Not only has he accidentally put peanuts into his nephew's food causing a full-blown allergy attack, but Vinnie and an open flame? Not the best idea...

Vinnie Do Don't 3

DO: Hang around Vinnie if you're in need of a laugh. Watching him and all of his child-raising disasters is totally hilarious! And here's the great news: you can catch it all the time just by tuning in to Wendell and Vinnie! Some things in life are just so easy...


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