Victoria's Living in the Moment

Posted on Sep 30, 2011

What's the latest track on our "must-play-over-and-over-on-repeat" list? Well, that's a no brainer. It's 'All I Want Is Everything' from the Victorious cast! But soon, we're gonna have another list of upbeat tunes to rock out to all day long. If you didn't know already, Victoria Justice is working on a solo album! Get the deets on her upcoming tracks, and find out how Victoria feels about facing the music scene sans the Victorious crew.


Wetpaint dished with Victoria at the Teen Vogue fashion week event, and she buzzed about working on her new album. She said, "We just released the 'Victorious' soundtrack, so I'm focusing on that right now. I'm writing a lot of music for myself, whenever I have free time -- it's just that my schedule has been so crazy. But I'm really excited to show people who I am as a solo artist, outside of the show."

But AOL Music got more inside scoop on what the album will really be like. Victoria dished,"It's going to be me, Victoria Justice, not Victoria Justice featuring 'Victorious'. I want there to be a separation. It's not going to be too crazy different, but I'm excited to really get in the studio more and show people who I am through my music."

And even though she'll be separated from her Hollywood Arts fam for this new record, she still keeps them close in mind. She said, "...when I do my own stuff, I think doing 'Victorious' has really prepared me and given me exposure and people now know that I'm a singer as well and that I love doing music and that music is a really big part of my life. So, I'm really grateful for that."

So what are Victoria's hopes for her new tracks? She explained, "...Hopefully people will connect to my music and enjoy it and want to get up and dance to it or if it's a ballad, feel something, which is the goal."

And as far as the critics go, Victoria's got her mind in the right place. She said, "I can't worry about what people are going to think of me and if they're going to like me more than other people. You just have to be present and live in the moment and if it works out, then awesome and I wish everyone who is trying to do the same thing, genuinely the best of luck."

Best of luck to you, too, Victoria! We know this album is gonna totally rock. Can't wait!

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