On the Red Carpet at the Do Something Awards

Posted on Aug 17, 2011

We just spotted two of our favorite starlets makin' it shine on another Hollywood red carpet. And this time, it was the Vh1 Do Something Awards! Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande were looking totally fab while strolling into the event, which recognizes young humanitarians and celebs who have done great deeds to help our world become a better place. Victoria presented an award (along with fellow Nick Star, Keke Palmer), and Ariana was there to support her chum and cast mate.


Even though Victoria was swamped from her busy schedule (she JUST returned from wrapping her movie, Fun Size), she was totally stoked to be presenting. She tweeted, "Hey everyone :{). I've had such a busy morning, but guess where I'm headed? The "Do Something" Awards! I'm presenting tonight."


And Ariana had a great time strollin' the carpet next to her fave co-star! She tweeted, "So much fun walking the red carpet next to my good friend @VictoriaJustice! It was so great seeing you! :D"

Looks like these gals are great pals! And what can be better than supporting a good cause while hangin' with one of your best buds?


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