Jennette and Victoria Dish at the Emmys!

Posted on Sep 19, 2011

Red carpet events are the perfect place to dish about fashion and to get the latest celebrity scoop. Just ask Victoria Justice and Jennette McCurdy! They were chatting all about award show styles, boys, and their fave celebs during an E! News exclusive at this year's Emmy Awards.


First, the gal pals talked trends. Victoria said, "One of the coolest things about fashion is being able to switch it up and take risks, try new things." But Jennette asked, "Do you get nervous about what people are gonna say?" and the Victorious starlet responded, "It's human nature to wanna look at blogs sometimes and see people are saying...But I like to be comfortable. That's the most important thing to me. Even if i have to get dressed up to go to a red carpet event, I always have to be able to move, and I wanna be able to sit." We love that motto, VJ!

Then, the Nick starlets dished over celebrity crushes. But Victoria isn't one to wear her heart on her sleeve. She said, "There are lots of attractive and talented people in young Hollywood right now. And I wish them the best."

And what about their Emmy picks? Well, Jennette was rooting for a certain iCarly cameo comedian to take home gold (AKA Jim Parsons). But Victoria had another A-list actor in mind. She said, "I know that Steve Carrell has yet to win an Emmy. And I think that he's incredibly talented...I'm crossing my fingers for him."

We'll be crossing our dish like this at next year's Emmy Awards! Isn't girl talk fun?

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