Victoria Spills About Life in the Spotlight

Posted on Aug 5, 2011

If we were as busy as Victoria Justice, we'd probably wanna freak the freak out! This gal's got a new movie in the works, a mega hit show, and an awesome new solo album coming soon. But don't worry, this super starlet's got it all under control. She dished to AOL Music about all the good (and tough) things about living life in the spotlight.


One perk to celebrity stardom? Having an amazing hit record! Victoria spilled about the new Victorious album. When asked about her fave track on the record, she said "My two favorites would probably be 'Freak the Freak Out' and 'Best Friend's Brother.' I like 'FTFO' because I think it's just a really good song, and it's the first song from the show to go Gold, so I think it will always be special to me. I like 'BFB' because it's a song I wrote that came from my own personal experience. I think it's really fun and catchy. The response from the fans has been amazing. I'm really proud of that."

But makin' it shine the way Victoria does takes a lot of hard work! She said, "As soon as I finish filming 'Fun Size' I fly back to L.A. to work on some music whenever I can. My schedule's going to be so crazy though, so I'm going to try and write whenever I have free time. Then I start filming Season 3 of 'Victorious.' Which means that I'll be recording a lot more music for the show, I'll be learning a lot of choreography, filming music videos, etc. I'll be pretty busy. I'd love to continue doing film as well. I have such a passion for it."

So, her schedule is a little bonkers, but when 'All You Want is Everything', it's easy to deal. However, she did mention one thing that, for her, is the toughest part about being famous...She explained, "Just recently, I noticed the paparazzi are paying attention to me (I always tried to keep a low profile when it came to that) and that makes me more guarded."

But Victoria's choosing to look on brighter side. She said, "On the positive side, with a higher profile brings the opportunity to bring attention to issues that you believe in that can help people."

Leave it to VJ to turn a negative into a positive. When the going gets tough, the tough gets, well, a brand new movie and a golden record!

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