Victoria As A Pup!

Posted on Apr 13, 2013

Victoria As A Pup 1

Victoria Justice is an animal lover, especially when it comes to dogs. She owns two! But did you know she hearts her pups so much, she's actually considered living life as man's best friend?! It's true, Vic's thinking of trading her rock star routine for some pooch pampering.

Victoria As A Pup 2

When Cambio asked Victoria what animal she'd like to be, she explained, "I think I'd be one of my dogs, Sammy or Sophie. They like, live the life. They literally just hang out all day long... and they always get fed, it's so lax, everything is so lax for them and they get so much love and attention. Who doesn't want that?" Victoria sporting dog ears and hanging out all day on a puppy pillow? How adorable!

Victoria As A Pup 3

But even though Victoria makes dog days sound super cool, there's still one bad thing about life as a dog... the food! Yuck. On second thought, maybe Victoria should stick to life as a Hollywood celeb.


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