Victoria Spills About iParty and BFB!

Posted on May 30, 2011

Victoria Justice has been makin' it shine brighter than ever before! She just released her new hit single, "Best Friend's Brother" (which is our new favorite jam, obvs) and she's starring in the upcoming crossover show spectacular, "iParty with Victorious". So, it's no surprise that every reporter and paparazzi in Hollywood is trying to get the inside scoop from this glamour gal. And she's happy to spill! She gabbed to Good Day L.A all about writing her new single and battling MC over a boy...


In iParty, the two casts come together after Tori and Carly find out they're battling over the same two-timing boy. When Good Day L.A asked Victoria, "Who wins?" the starlet replied, "You have to watch, but we end up meeting at this party at Kenan Thompson's house in Los Angeles, both casts all go together, and we kind of end up plotting revenge for this guy who has been cheating on both of us." That sounds awesome! We can't wait to see what happens.

Then, Victoria spilled all about writing her new song, BFB! She gabbed,"This is the first song that I wrote that ended up on the show and that I got to film a music video for. It's kind of surreal, like when you're filming a music video and you hear your own lyrics and, like, your own feelings, it''s kinda crazy."

Well congrats, Vic! We dig your well-written tunes! But we're wondering one thing...Which best friend has the beautiful brother that inspired these lovable lyrics?! Come on, tell us!

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