Victoria Justice on the Set of iParty with Victorious

Posted on May 7, 2011

We couldn't be more excited for the cast clash of our favorite Nick stars in the summer special, iParty with Victorious. But while we're counting down the days until the party begins, we're spending some time hangin' backstage with all the hilarious cast mates.

Check out these fun behind the scene pics of Victoria Justice prepping for the big party!


Look out Mr. Roboto! Jennette and Vic have got some awesome android moves and they're ready to put this party into robo-motion.


Time for a primp pause! Vic gets all glammed up before the cameras start rolling. There's no need for make-up Vic, you look gorge!


Victoria snuggles up with her on-screen two-timing beauty boy...Be careful Vic, he's got a certain cyber cutie on his mind, too!

It looks like Vicky is having a complete blast on set with the rest of her coupled cast companions. This summer special is gonna be double-y awesome! Can't wait!


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