Victoria Justice Is A Fashion Feature!

Posted on Nov 19, 2012


If you've been keeping up with the latest celeb buzz, you know Victoria Justice has been making her rounds in the magazines. And her streak continues, 'cause she's being featured for her funky fashions during OK! Magazine's "OK! Style Week." Victoria told the mag, "I like to take fashion risks. I like to wear bright colors and cool patterns that are unique and different." And sometimes, taking risks means setting the trends yourself...


Victoria told OK!, "I wore feathers for three years before they were huge." Now that's one trend she should be proud to predict! And we're not surprised that she did, because Victoria always likes to keep her style fresh. "In my everyday life, it's a little funky," she said. "I like to play with things and I love accessories." But Victoria knows when to glam it up, too. She described her most glamorous moment ever as, "Probably the 2012 Met Ball. I was wearing an awesome dress!" We agree.

Inspired to try set your own funky trends? Go ahead! You know Victoria would totally approve.


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