Victoria Pranks BTR

Posted on Aug 18, 2013

Victoria Pranks BTR 1

When you take the silly guys of BTR, a gal like Victoria Justice, and put them together on one non-stop summer tour, you know some crazy hi-jinks are bound to go down. The gang has been pranking each other left and right on their Summer Break Tour, and Vic recently spilled the deets on one of her more soggy shenanigans.

Victoria Pranks BTR 2

What do you do when you're on a tour with four jokers? Bust out the squirt guns, of course! Vic confessed drippy details of her recent gag to MTV. "We got water guns and hid in [Big Time Rush's] dressing room," she laughed. "And I ran out from hiding and started squirting them like crazy." Keep an eye out when Vic is around... unless you want to get soaked!

Victoria Pranks BTR 3

But this perfect prank soon turned back on Victoria! "They were laughing and then James [Maslow] stole my water gun and started squirting me, so it was really fun. They're really funny," Victoria said. Well, it looks like Victoria learned a very important lesson this summer... while planning a prank on the guys of BTR, be prepared for payback!


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