Fact Check!

Posted on May 11, 2013

Fact Check 1

Oops! We seem to have mixed up a few of our facts from the Nick vault of celebrity factoids! (We bet you didn't even know that existed, did you?) Anyway, we need some help sorting out some of these fun facts and pairing them with the right peeps. Do you know it all about Victoria Justice? 'Cause here's what we've got under her list of likes..

1. She loves karate. She practices white tiger kung fu 24/7!
2. When she's not shooting on set, she's shooting hoops. This gal is a bball all star.
3. She can speak Japanese!

Fact Check 2

Is it just us, or do these facts seem a little funky? Anyway, moving on. Check out what we've got listed for Ryan Potter.

1. Ryan loves sporting fun accessories, like feathers in his hair!
2. Ryan also loves mustaches. He puts them on everything. Even his dog.
3. He's a super talented singer and has a knack for belting out pop tunes.

Hold the phone, people! None of this is right! Do you know what's wrong with these fun facts?

Fact Check 3

That's right! They're totally swapped. We knew Victoria looked strange in that karate gear and Ryan definitely doesn't accessorize with 'staches and feathers. It's the other way around! Ryan's the bball all star and the Japanese guru, and Victoria sings rock songs like it's her job (wait, it actually is). Phew, thank goodness we got that all sorted out. And hey, there is one thing these two have in common. They both absolutely love sushi! No wonder why we got them mixed up...


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