Victoria Justice is a Southern Bell Beauty

Posted on May 13, 2011

Victoria Justice was born in Florida; the second most southern state in the U.S! So, it's no wonder she pulled off the "southern bell" look so perfectly while attending a Hollywood event celebrating 'Southern Style'. And the party was held by one of our other favorite celebrity southerners, Britney Spears! We spotted her on the Spears family's red carpet, showing off her latest threads. We've GOT to get back-stage access to this girls wardrobe. It's amazing!


Talk about a blushing beauty! Vic was made-up like a pretty princess for this red carpet stroll.


It's all about the shoes! And check these out! These are the laces of the future! No more stopping to tie your shoes gals, these are laced to perfection; all ready for you to step into the spotlight.


Victoria's in bloom! This pedal-patterned mini dress is perfect for spring and Vic is showing off her flower power.

Vic not only looked fab, but she had a total blast too! She tweeted to Brit after the event, "Thanks so much for inviting me @britneyspears. Definitely a worth while cause. P.S. Your dad's cooking was amazing! So was the sweet tea :{)"

So jeal! Can we be invited to the next southern bell bash?

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