Victoria The Rapper

Posted on Jul 28, 2013

Victoria The Rapper 1

Hold the phone... Victoria the rapper?! Is it true the actress and musician is adding yet another talent to her repertoire? Before we go spreading rumors, let's get the deets straight from the gal herself. During an interview with Access Hollywood Live, Victoria dished, "I wouldn't necessarily call myself a rapper, but I do a little rap on my song, 'Gold.' There's a little breakdown section."

Victoria The Rapper 2

But her brand new song "Gold" isn't the only place you can check out Victoria's sweet rhymes. She's also bringing the beats on the Summer Break Tour with Big Time Rush! She said, "I'm gonna do a little rap on one of their songs." Say what?! We can't wait!

Victoria The Rapper 3

So Victoria may not be pursuing a rap career just yet, but her latest swag singing style proves she can do just about anything. And maybe in time, she'll even drop another rhyme! (Sorry, we couldn't help it).


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