What's Next For Tori and Victoria?

Posted on Feb 3, 2013

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This weekend, we'll be ringing in the final episode of Victorious. But this is no time to get the sniffles! It's time to celebrate all the hilarious laughs and sweet tracks that we've enjoyed over the years thanks to our favorite Hollywood Arts superstars. Plus, it's not the end for this uber talented crew! In fact, Victoria Justice spilled to Girls Life on exactly where she hopes to see her career and her character Tori go next!

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First, let's talk Tori. That gal has got way too much talent to stop making it shine. That's why Victoria has big dreams for the fictional miss Vega. "She was so passionate about her singing career," Victoria said. "I would have liked to see her work on an album and pursue her dream of becoming a pop star." And that's exactly where we see her going! :)

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As for Vic, she's just getting started! "...I'd love to do more movies," she gushed. And that's not all. She's eager for new and exciting opportunities in every area of the biz! "I'm learning something new every day and looking forward to even more experiences," she said. "You never know what's around the corner and what opportunity is next."

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