Victoria The World Traveler

Posted on Jun 1, 2013

Victoria Justice World Traveler 1

When it's your job to Make It Shine, chances are, you'll be bringing the light all over the world! So it's safe to say that Victoria Justice has seen a lot of sights. But what's it like for the Victorious star to trot the globe? She spilled on some of her fave destinations to Annex TV.

Victoria Justice World Traveler 2

If Victoria could move to one place in the world, where would it be? "That's a hard question," she said. "I've been so lucky to travel to so many cool countries! I really loved England, and London is such a cool city."

Victoria Justice World Traveler 3

And why exactly is the U.K. one of her top picks? She gushed, "I loved the fashion!" And if this savvy trendsetter says this is the place for style, you know it's true. But there are a couple more countries are on her destination list! She continued, "I loved Brazil, and definitely Australia. I was just there recently."

Looks like this American beauty definitely has a love for jumping across the pond! And just as long as she comes back, we don't mind if she shares her talent worldwide. :)


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