Victoria Justice's First Song

Posted on Jan 5, 2013

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Want the deets on the first song Victoria Justice ever wrote? Then you've come to the right place. The Victorious starlet spilled to Cambio about her life-long love for songwriting. And she even gave the inside scoop on her premiere attempt at tune-making back in the day!

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Victoria started with dishing on inspirations. "I think anything can trigger a song and inspire you." she said. "I think sometimes it's an event that takes place in my life, that's something I really need to vent about and I wanna get out of my system. And sometimes it's something that's going on in a friend of mine's life, or a story that I'll hear...Basically, songwriting for me is just messages that I wanna get across...Most of the time it's things that I have an emotional connection to and I think that other people will feel that as well."

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Then she explained where it all began. "When I was in elementary school and middle school I always gravitated towards English and reading and spelling," she said. "So, 16 was when I wrote my first song and actually completed a song. It was called, 'What Do You Say?' And it's a really cute song and I actually still really like it!"

Sounds like Victoria's had a knack for music making since the very beginning. And judging by her past successes, we're sure her first-ever tune could be a number one hit!


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