Will Victoria Sing With BTR?

Posted on Jun 20, 2013


The Summer Break Tour is set to be a Nick star-studded celebration of singing under the sun. And if you aren't excited enough about both Victoria Justice and Big Time Rush sharing the same stage, just imagine them sharing the same song! In her interview with Billboard, Victoria dished, "I think we'll probably do a song together, probably a cover or something. I think it would be really fun for the audience to see as well."


Now that's one duet we're dying to see! And we're not the only ones, 'cause Victoria is totally amped about getting to spend some time with the guys: "They're really cool. They're super down-to-earth, fun guys to hang out with, and we laugh a lot when we hang out together. So I think it's going to be a great combination."


And if you're wondering whether the Summer Break Tour is a sign of more music to come from Victoria, you're right! She plans to put making tunes at the top of her agenda, as she explained, "It's great now that I have more free time. It was hard before because I did a movie and my TV show was going, so I couldn't really juggle all of it. But now that I do have more time, I definitely will be focusing on (music) more."

A duet, and more music from Victoria? Now that we have even more reasons to get pumped for the tour, it's even harder to wait!


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