Victorious Album Signing!

Posted on Aug 18, 2011

What's better than the new Victorious album? The new Victorious album signed by all of the soundtrack's celebrity singers! And lucky fans in Duarte, Cali had the fortune of gaining this once-in-a-lifetime swag. Check out these pics of Victoria Justice and the rest of her cast mates at a meet-and-greet album signing for their new hit soundtrack from the show.


Before the event, the stars gave a shout out to the tweet trees. Leon chirped, "I'm on my way to the victorious album signing.. I can't wait to see y'all there !!!" And Daniella tweeted, "Any of you coming out to the @Victorious singing today in Duarte, Ca?!"


And they were just as happy as their fans were about the meet-and-greet. Victoria tweeted, "Such an awesome signing today in Duarte,CA! Thank you so much to everyone who waited. So nice meeting all of you. #VictoriousSoundtrack :{)"

What lucky fans! Now they have an awesome new album and a set of celebrity signatures to go with it? We couldn't be more jeal. And if you still haven't heard all these fantabulous tunes, then head over to the music hub and check out some of the songs, off the album now!


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