'All I Want Is Everything' Flash Mob!

Posted on Sep 20, 2011

Talk about being in the right place at the right time! The entire cast of Victorious took over the streets outside of the Hard Rock Cafe in Cali in an impromptu flash mob performance for throngs of screaming fans. But it turns out these Hollywood Arts A-listers were dishing out clues well before they spontaneously sprung into song...


Ever since the release of the new "All I Want Is Everything" video, Victorious fans everywhere have been clued-in to this off-the-cuff concert...if they looked close enough, that is. It turns out, there were a few hints hidden within the video which led fans to the exact location of the flash mob! Did YOU figure it out?


The clues led fans to believe that Victoria's video beau, Dean, was in fact a real-life crush of the singing starlet...And that she was to sing her way into his heart at this rockin' performance in Hollywood. Dean was even stirring up excitement in the tweet trees leading up to the event. Well, it turns out Dean isn't really Victoria's crush, but it was one killer performance, anyway!


And P.S - Be sure to keep an eye out during new Victorious videos. You never know what might happen...

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