Best Dressed: Victorious

Posted on Aug 3, 2012


The cast of Victorious is constantly singing, dancing, and acting. But when they're not busy perfecting their talents, the cast is working their wardrobe! These awesome actors each have their own unique fashion flair. So, we thought we'd give you the chance to vote on which cast member's trendy threads are your ultimate fave.


Victoria Justice is always mixing trends in her wardrobe. This floral sweater with simple denim keeps her looking casual but still fashion forward! And let's not forget that ah-mazing bag she's rocking. Love!


Daniella Monet never ceases to amaze us with her constant fabulous style. This blue dress with silver accessories coordinates perfectly!


The ever so stylish Leon Thomas is always keeping it slick and cool. This blazer with a bright orange tie is the perfect outfit for Andre when he's rocking out!


Liz Gillies always dresses to fit Jade's dark and moody personality. And her neon highlights add the perfect touch of color to her rock star look.


If there is one thing that Ariana Grande is good at, it's keeping it colorful! Besides her red hair, the starlet always looks bright and happy, just like she does in this adorable blue dress!


Matt Bennett sure knows how to rock the comfy and casual look. He dresses up his sweats and sneaks perfectly with a nice black tie.


Avan Jogia has always gotten props for his great style. He knows you just can't go wrong with a cool leather jacket.

Now that you've seen a recap of these Victorious styles, it's time to vote! Whose style do you like best? Take the poll now!

Jack & Patrick Smerge

Patrick and Jack Griffo: both stars, both studs, combine to make one handsome creature!


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