Bathroom Ballads From the Victorious Cast

Posted on Sep 2, 2011

Attention all shower singers! Grab your favorite loofah and wave those soapy suds high, because there's no need to be afraid of belting out your best while getting squeaky clean. Everyone does it. Including the cast of Victorious! The whole cast was dishing to Bop and Tiger Beat about their fave Victorious songs to sing in the shower. Check out what they listed as their fave bathroom ballads below!


Ariana: "I like to sing 'Broken Glass'"
Matt: "I like to sing 'All I Want Is Everything'. But more importantly, I like to sing 'Give It Up', the Ariana and Liz song."
Daniella: "That, and 'BFB' just because it gets stuck in my head. So, I'll be taking a shower and it'll just come outta nowhere and it doesn't leave my head."
Leon: "I may be a weirdo but I listen to a lot of music while I'm in the shower. And that's kinda how I judge how long I'm in there. I'll do three songs and I'm out, you know? So yeah, I love singing in the shower. It's a good time."
Victoria: "Kind of all of them. But I think 'Best Friend's Brother' because the 'yeah, yeah yeah'. There's like, a long note. And that's fun to just like, grab your shower head and belt it out."

Great songs, guys! We just might have to try these out next time we're in need of a scrub a dub dub!

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