The Victorious Cast in Costume!

Posted on Oct 26, 2011

Are there any spooky skelebrations happening at Hollywood Arts this year? Of course there are! And we've got the pics to prove it! From walking zombies to steam boat captains, these Victorious stars have tons of hilarious costumes stashed away in their dressing rooms. And now's the perfect time to dust them off and sport them to all their ghostly gatherings. Take a peek at all the best costumes from the cast, just in time for Halloween!


Ahoy, Tori! Victoria Justice is the captain of sea-riously stylish ensembles.


Remember when Leon Thomas, Matt Bennett, Liz Gillies, Ariana Grande, Avan Jogia, and Victoria all dressed as delicious foods to sing a song for kids? We do. And they still look good enough to eat!


Beware of dressing as a pizza slice this Halloween. You just might get eaten alive!


Ariana reported for duty in this 80's inspired getup during the sleepover at Sikowitz's. Which do you think is brighter, her hair or her glamorous shoulder-padded blazer?



Ahhhh!! These pics totally freak us the freak out. But don't worry, underneath all that make-up is the beautiful (and harmless) Victoria Justice. And if you wanna see how she went from beauty to beast, check out the clip, below!

These costumes are spook-tacular aren't they? We wonder if we can borrow one for our trick-or-treat trip...Dibs on Victoria's zombie mask!

Oh, and here's a little Happy Halloween message from all our pals at Hollywood Arts to get you in the spooky spirit...

And don't forget to visit to see what ghostly gossip is going on at school and see more Halloween pics!

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