How to Dress Up Like Tori and Jade!

Posted on Oct 26, 2011

Still looking for that perfect costume to rock to this year's skelebrations? Well, hurry up and take down these tips, 'cause time's almost running out! Today, we're giving you the deets on how to dress up as two of our favorite Hollywood high schoolers. Yup, we're talking about Tori Vega and Jade West! Find out how you can rock the wardrobe of these two polar opposites, just like Victoria Justice and Liz Gillies.


What you'll need:


Get Connected:

So, Tori and Jade are about as alike as ice cream cones and liver sandwiches. But they both rock one accessory that's pretty much a must-have at Hollywood Arts; a Pear Phone complete with access to The Slap. How else do you think you're gonna update all your monstrous moods during fright night? Grab some construction paper and some colored pencils and get to work! Just model your paper Pear Phone after the pic above.

How to be Jade:


1. Wig Out

Jade's got some pretty unique strands. And if you're not planning on dying your mop permanently black and blue (ahh!), then we've got the perfect solution. All you need to do is throw on a black wig, snap in some turquoise clip-on extensions, and you're ready to rock Jade's villainous 'do.


2. A Beautiful BF

Okay, don't worry. This sitch isn't permanent. But to be Jade, you do need a gorgeous (and beautifully-haired) BF to be at your Beck and call. So grab a boy with some lovely locks and make sure you've got him on your arm all night. Oh, and feel free to act very overprotective of him.


3. Black-Out Your Wardrobe

Jades favorite colors? Let's, grey, charcoal, even darker black, onyx, and maybe ebony with a teeny touch of royal blue. When it comes to Miss West, the new black is, well...more black! So head into your closet and grab all the shadowy garb you own. 'Cause you're gonna be sporting all things midnight this Halloween.

How to be Tori:


1. The Golden Mic

It's no secret that Tori's one of the biggest stars at Hollywood Arts. And a diva of her status deserves a mic of the same caliber. That's why you can spot Tori singing into this golden amplifier at the start of every show! So how can you re-create your own? Just grab an old microphone and a little gold paint and you're set.


2. Rockstar Jeans

This one's easy. Pick your raddest pair of rock-n-roll denims and you'll look like you're ready to take to the stage, just like Tori.


3. Learn Some New Moves!

Now, we know you've probably got tons of sweet steps of your own. But if you're gonna dress like Tori, you've gotta move like her too! This gal is known for her stellar choreography. And we've got the perfect way for you to download these moves to your dancing repertoire, too. You can learn them from Victoria herself! Just check out these moves she's showing off from 'Locked-Up' in the vid below.

Well, we hope this costume 411 helped you prepare for all your spook-tivities this weekend. And a little extra suggestion if you're thinking of getting Jade-d this Halloween....Scream. A lot. At everyone. Especially all those jotting down these tips on how to dress as Tori Vega.

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