Behind the Scenes with Victorious Cast

Posted on Jul 29, 2011

Victoria Justice and friends might be dragging around a ball and chain in this weekend's all new episode, but that doesn't mean they can't stop to give us some 411 on their less-than-perfect holiday! We headed into the clink and caught up with Victoria, Leon, Ariana, and Daniella while they filmed their awesome new Victorious special, Locked Up. And they spilled about the disasters to come in Yerba, getting to sing some sweet new songs, and dealing with some abnormally large bug bites (yikes). And they may have thrown in a little clink choreography, too. Check it out.

First, Victoria gabbed about their disaster vacay and what really turned these performers into prisoners!

Then, Leon gave us an exclusive look at his monstrous make-up. That's not just any old mosquito!

Next, Ariana and Daniella gave us a little bit of a musical pre-view.

And finally, Victoria demonstrated her orange-clad choreography.

What? That's it? We wanna see more! Oh, well. At least there's only 24 hours until these singing jailbirds put on an epic jam in the slammer. Until then, don't we get a phone call? We loved interviewing these stars and all, but GET US OUTTA HERE!!


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