BTR's Funny Dreams

Posted on Apr 27, 2013

BTR Weird Dreams 1

Grab your blank-y and your favorite teddy bear, 'cause it's time to share some stories from the dream world! The boys of Big Time Rush shared some of their strangest dreams to Seventeen Magazine, and they're pretty action-packed, so hold on tight!

"James took me for a helicopter ride, and then we bungee jumped into a volcano," Carlos said. Wait a second, is this a dream or the plot to the next Big Time Movie? We wish!

BTR Weird Dreams 2

Logan had a much more relaxing journey. "I dreamed that I was sailing to Europe," he said. Ay ay, captain Henderson!

BTR Weird Dreams 3

Kendall's dream was actually a bit of a nightmare. "I dreamed that someone stole my car," he said. Phew! Good thing that was only a dream and Kendall's wheels are safely parked in his Hollywood driveway.

BTR Weird Dreams 4

And James dreamed about...actually, he has no idea. He answered, "I wish I could remember!" LOL! Well, maybe he was too busy bungee jumping in Carlos' dream to have any of his own.


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