Weird News of the Week: Ariana's Secret Ingredient

Posted on Jul 11, 2013


Summer's here and things are heating up! But it's not just the sun that's causing the change in temperature. Word on the street is that there's something in Ariana Grande's purse that's causing a bit of a fever! Are you ready for this wacky bit of Weird News of the Week? Here it goes...


Grab your water bottles everyone, 'cause you might need some H2O after hearing this headline. We heard that Ariana Grande keeps a spicy secret hidden in her fashionable handbag. Well, secret ingredient that is. When Seventeen asked the gal to reveal the oddest things in her purse, Ariana revealed, "Of course I have what looks like some cayenne pepper, because I think it makes everything taste better and it's good for you," she said.


Hey, if there's anything that will add an extra kick your wardrobe, it's a purse filled with pepper. This just might be the fashion world's next big trend!

That's a wrap for this Weird News of the Week update, but keep your eyes and ears peeled for more to come. Could the news get any wackier than this? We think so...

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