Weird News of the Week: Jennette Lost Her Funny Bone!

Posted on May 29, 2013

Weird News of the Week Jennette McCurdy Funny Bone 1

Are you up-to-date with all buzz going down in the celeb world? Well, here's a wacky piece of news that you might have missed. We found this headline so silly, in fact, that we thought it deserved the title of our Weird News of the Week! So what funky fact caught our eyes and ears? Check it out.

Weird News of the Week Jennette McCurdy Funny Bone 2

Okay, so the weirdest news we've heard all week has to do with Sam and Cat super star, Jennette McCurdy! Word on the street is that Jennette broke her funny bone. Oh no! "I haven't tweeted anything funny in like 3 days," she chirped. "I think I broke my funny bone." What?! Does this mean no more hilarious ham jokes or slapstick shenanigans from Sam?

Weird News of the Week Jennette McCurdy Funny Bone 3

How can we fix this? Some heavy duty tape? A bucket of Fat Cakes? Somebody hand this girl a butter sock! Wait a second.... We just found something new in the tweet trees. Jennette chirped, "I know they say don't sweat the small stuff, but I really don't think we should be sweating "big" stuff either. That's just gross." And she's BACK! :)


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