Weird News of the Week: Liz Has A Monster?

Posted on Aug 8, 2013

Weird News of the Week Liz Gillies Monster

Anxious to hear what weird news is happening in Hollywood? Then you've arrived at the right place! Liz Gillies just took to the tweet trees to about a mysterious creature that just might be her next pet pal. Yes, this makes for the perfect Weird News of the Week, all right.

Weird News of the Week Liz Gillies Monster 2

Grab your nightlight everyone, 'cause Liz's got a bone to pick with a certain under-the-bed dweller! Before she tucked herself in, she chirped, "I legitimately just checked under my bed for monsters. Goodnight." Spooky! So, could Liz be living with a mega monster in her room?

Weird News of the Week Liz Gillies Monster 3

Nah, that's pretty unlikely. Monsters aren't real, right? Right?! Well, there are some friendly monsters out there, who we'd be more than happy to shelter under our bunks. Like Monsters Vs Aliens blob, B.O.B.! Maybe Liz is on to something here...


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