Weird News of the Week

Posted on Apr 20, 2013

Weird News Logan Henderson 1

This just in! The Weird News of the Week has arrived. That means, we're dishing out the silliest headline that we've heard buzzing around Hollywood in the past 7 days. Ready to hear it? Well, this funny news flash has something to do with a certain Big Time Rush member and a few Z's... Can't figure it out? The weird news is, Logan Henderson has been sleeping on the job!

Weird News Logan Henderson 2

Well, he's not really sleeping on the job, he's just taking a little catnap. Logan chirped, "Just a little nap time on set! #ilovenaps #sleepinginstyle." Hey, if some sleep is what Logan needs to keep those wise-cracks coming for the cameras, then we say snooze away! Just, um, no snoring. Okay?

Weird News Logan Henderson 3

But Logan shouldn't hit snooze on the set too many times, 'cause a sleeping BTR member is perfect bait for a hilarious prank! That reminds us, where did we put our whoopie cushion? Anyway, that was the Weird News of the Week. Check in next time for more odd updates about your fave Nick celebs.


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