Weird News of the Week: Lucas The Designer

Posted on Jun 12, 2013

Lucas Cruikshank Fashion Designer 1

It's no surprise that Lucas Cruikshank is a fashion icon. When it comes to trendy digs, this guy's always dressed to the nines. He probably gets secret out-of-this-world fashion tips from his alien pals on Klooton (lucky). Anyway, we just heard that Lucas is planning on taking his fashion sense to the next level! And by next level we mean totally unheard of... like sporting PJs 24/7? Yup. This headline makes the Weird News of the Week all right.

Lucas Cruikshank Fashion Designer 2

This week's wacky story is that Lucas is planning on becoming a fashion designer! But not just any fashion designer... a pajama designer! He dished, "My next project is designing a onesie line." Yup, this super celeb is taking fashion back a couple baby steps. But hey, we're not complaining!

Lucas Cruikshank Fashion Designer 3

Could you imagine all your favorite stars walking around Hollywood sporting fuzzy footie pajamas? Now that's a world we wanna live in! Hey Lucas, when fashion's finest all catch on to your idea, can you not forget about us? Thanks.


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