Weird News of the Week

Posted on Jun 9, 2013

Matt Bennett Weird News of the Week 1

Have you heard the news?! There's something totally bonkers going on in the celebrity world and we've got the inside scoop. While hanging out in the tweet trees we spotted a hilarious headline that gave us such a chuckle, we had to share! Check out what made this week's official Weird News of the Week!

Matt Bennett Weird News of the Week 2

Today's funny headline has to to with Victorious star Matt Bennett! You may think you know this kooky comedian, but soon, you might be calling him by a whole different name! Why? 'Cause he's changing his name. "Don't call me Matty," he chirped. "I'm changing my name to Marty. Mart for short... Mart Barnart."

Matt Bennett Weird News of the Week 3

What?! Who is this 'Mart' character? Will this alter ego be as funny as Matt? Will he have the same hair as Matt? The same glasses? Hm, if we had to imagine a Marty Barnarty, we'd think he'd look a little something like....this!

You know what they say, a rose by any other name is just as sweet. So, a Matt by any other name (or funky hairstyle) is just as awesome. We love you always, Mart Barnart!


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