Weird News of the Week!

Posted on Mar 7, 2013

Weird News Miranda 1

Wanna hear something totally wacky that's been going on this week? Good! Then you're in the right place. We're dishing out this week's most hilariously odd news. So, what's the top story that's been giving us the giggles? It's got something to do with superstar Miranda Cosgrove and her oh-so-cute pet pooch.

Weird News Miranda 2

Here it is, the weird news of the week! Miranda's dog is learning a new language. Wait, what? Dogs can talk? We know, totally bananas. But also kind of hilarious. Miranda tweeted, "My Mom: hola habla espanol (my mom talking to my dog) Me: why are you talking to her in Spanish? My Mom: I want her to be bilingual."

Weird News Miranda 3

So, it's Miranda's mom who's the brain behind training their pooch in foreign vocabulary. But we've gotta admit, it's a pretty genius idea. Now, any time they travel to Spain, they'll have the perfect canine companion to translate!


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