Weird News of the Week: Nathan's Got Range!

Posted on Jun 18, 2013

Weird News Of The Week Nathan Kress Sings 1

He may be a star actor, but iCarly vet Nathan Kress is a true Jack of all Trades. In fact, this Nick Star recently discovered an, err, interesting new talent of his, and it's so wacky, it made the headline for this edition of Weird News of the Week. Ready to hear this fun new fun fact? Well....

Weird News Of The Week Nathan Kress Sings 2

When it comes to belting out tunes, Nathan's all about listening to the melody. "I can sing exactly 38 notes. I will never use this knowledge in my entire life, but it was fun to sit at my piano and find out," he dished. But wait...why was he counting again? Perhaps Nathan's practicing for a shot at being the next big singing sensation. Or maybe he's prepping his chops for a one-man traveling show! Hmm, the world may never know...

Weird News Of The Week Nathan Kress Sings 3

Either way, that definitely sounds like a performance we'd love to see! Nathan, if you ever decide to sing your heart out in public, please save us a front row seat!


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