Weird News of the Week

Posted on Mar 19, 2013

weird news nathan 1

Ready to hear something totally bananas? Good. 'Cause it's time for the weird news of the week update! This week's wild and crazy headline has to do with iCarly's tech extraordinaire, Nathan Kress. What has this awesome actor been up to since ringing in his final episode as Freddie Benson? Let's just say he's been doing a lot with his time...

weird news nathan 2

Here's the wacky news... Nathan Kress has been traveling in TIME!! Okay, no, he hasn't been hopping in a magical elevator which shoots him back to the prehistoric ages. But he has been taking on new roles in throwback time periods! Nathan tweeted, "Let's be honest, the best thing about auditions is that it gives me a valid excuse to play dress-up. Especially when you're going 1920's :P."

weird news nathan 3

We can see it now. Nathan decked out in a fancy fedora, sporting an old school mustache and heading out on the town for a night of swing dancing. Make room all you Tinsel Towners! Nathan the Big Cheese is back!

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