What's Your Fave HOA Moment?

Posted on Feb 4, 2013

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The Jabian kiss. The time Alfie got trapped in the tunnels. When the whole Sibuna gang made it to prom! We all have our favorite moments of House of Anubis. But what does the cast think? Well, when we asked HOA star Burkely Duffield, he had a hard time deciding which scene was his ultimate fave. "Last year there was a lot of fun stuff I got to do...the dynamic between Eddie and Mr. Sweet...[there's] a lot of fun things to do with him, the ups and downs of the father son relationship as they strengthened that bond throughout the season."

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And that's not all! "The fun ups and downs with Eddie and Patricia were really great," he continued. "The closeness was really fun to play and act as well as when they're sort of knocking heads in the whole restaurant fiasco."

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But can you guess Burkely's all-time favorite Anubis memory? Yup, it was the one that covered him, head to toe, in one of our favorite! "The carrot fight," he said, "...which has always stuck out to me as one of my favorite scenes I got to shoot."

We've gotta admit. That one definitely makes the top of our list, too. What's your favorite memory?

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