Who's The Leader Of Big Time Rush?

Posted on Jan 25, 2013

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Do you know who the true leader of Big Time Rush is? Well, according to many fans, Kendall is the leader of the pack. And that's mainly because he totally nailed the audition for Gustavo at the start of the show. But we're talking about the real life band! Kendall Knight may have been the boss of the crew when they first stepped into Rocque Records, but when the guys take to the stage on their Big Time Tours, who's got the number one spotlight?

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According to a recent interview with The Insider, the answer is...nobody! "One thing about Big Time Rush is that there's not three guys in the back and one [guy] singing the lead," Carlos Pena explained. "We're four guys who each have our own individual moments. And we're all very different."

With four guys as talented and awesome as this, there's no need to appoint a chief in command. They seem to be doing just fine Rushing as equals!


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