Whose Shoes?

Posted on May 7, 2012


It's the beginning of a brand new week. And we plan on starting our Monday off on the right foot (literally), by playing another round of our favorite fashion guessing game, Whose Shoes. So who's with us?! See if you can guess which Nick star sported which shoe styles on the red (and Orange) carpet.


This hostess with the most(est) turned heads on the Orange Carpet with these bright pink sandals.


You got it! The owner of these pretty pumps is our KCA 2012 Orange Carpet host, Daniella Monet!


This gal loves rocking beautiful bows, from her head to her toes!


These hip heals belong to the adorable Victorious starlet, miss Ariana Grande!


This fashion forward star is no dummy. He knows that throwing on a comfy pair of casual slip-on sneaks is the way to avoid any accidental slips in front of the paparazzi.


That's right! These kicks belong to the talented actor/ventriloquist, Matt Bennett!

That's a wrap for today's rendition of Whose Shoes. How many shoe styles did you pair correctly? Well, perfect score or not, always remember to keep an eye out for the star's latest trends from head to toe! That's how to put your best foot forward...fashion wise, at least.


If SpongeBob ruled the world...

that world would be full of Krabby Patties.


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