Whose Shoes: Tori Goes Platinum

Posted on May 16, 2011


This weekend, Tori Vega's life is going from normal to totally outrageous! And with Tori's pop star transformation, comes tons of wacky Victorious wardrobe for Victoria Justice and the rest of the Hollywood Arts cast. And no wardrobe is complete without the perfect pair of shoes. But can you guess which actor is rocking which wild and crazy kicks? Take the test, by playing this Tori Goes Platinum edition of Whose Shoes!


These black boots put the perfect finish on this girl-next-door-gone-gaga look. But who owns this fab footwear?


Why, it's Victoria Justice! This is just part of one of the odd-orable outfits that she sports as Tori's fame monster alter ego.


Get too close to these spikey pumps and you might get hurt! Which Victorious gal is rebellious enough to wear these hazardous heels?


If you thought Liz Gillies, you thought wrong! The true owner of these embellished kicks is again, a totally transformed Tori (AKA Victoria!).


And last but not least, which Hollywood Arts fashionista walked on set with these tan, studded pumps?


Ah ha! These shoes actually aren't in Tori Vega's costume closet. They belong to her arch frenemy, Jade. And Liz Gillies may have taken them home to add to her personal shoe collection, too.

How did you fare in this transformed version of Whose Shoes? Well, if you need more practice, make sure to watch (and take notes) when Victoria and the rest of the gang go platinum this Saturday at 8/7c!


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