Why Daniella Monet Is Awesome!

Posted on Jul 9, 2013

Daniella Monet Awesomness TV 1

You already know Daniella Monet is totally awesome, but do you know WHY? In case you need a little refresher, we're listing out all the things that make this gal so great. Rad reason number one? She's always on the go and being active! Daniella told Celebrity Teen Scoop, "I enjoy adventurous sports like motocross, martial arts, skateboarding, and camping."

Daniella Monet Awesomness TV 2

That's not all though! Daniella also has a soft spot for furry friends. The star gushed, "I love working out, dancing, cooking, and hanging out with my family and dog."

Daniella Monet Awesomness TV 3

But what's the most awesome thing about Daniella?! She's hilarious! From her time on Victorious and now AwesomenessTV, this girl has always made us chuckle. Then again, that's pretty easy when you love what you do, "I love being creative and silly. Developing a character and making it your own is such a fun process!" Daniella said.

There are tons of other awesome things about this sweet celeb, but we'll let you see them for yourself. Don't miss her keepin' it real (and hilarious) on AwesomenessTV !


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