You Know You're A Directioner If...

Posted on Mar 27, 2012


Forget Bieber Fever. There's a whole new sickness sweeping the nation. Well, less of a sickness and more of a full blown, head-over-heels obsession! We're talking about the fast-growing fan base for the newest Brit boy band, One Direction. Ahem, sorry, did we say fans? We meant, Directioners. And if you're too crazed over Harry Styles' hair to know how far into 1D fandom you've gone, then look to this test. 'Cause you know you're a Directioner if...


You refer to the guys as Zayn Horan, Louis Payne, Harry Tomlinson, Niall Styles, or Liam Malik. Only true fans love the guys so much that they can't choose a favorite. So they combine their names to make the perfect Brit! Plus, the bromance between these dudes is so strong, they probably wouldn't mind sharing a name.


You never call them One Direction. They're 1D, forever.


You leave a trail of breadcrumbs wherever you go, because you hope that one day you'll find Kevin. (If you don't know already, Kevin is 1D's plastic pet pigeon).


You no longer say the words braces, tired, like, or sneakers. Now, it's only suspenders, knackered, fancy, or trainers.


And last but not least, you know you're a Directioner if on December 24th, you're not hauling out the holly. You're hauling out a big birthday cake in celebration of Louis Tomlinson!

If you just read this list like it was a biography spelling out every detail of your 1D love-struck life, then it's official. You're a Directioner.

And if you're a 1D expert, then you probably already know this, but don't forget to tune in to the KCAs this Saturday 'cause the boys are performing! The 'Countdown to Kids' Choice' starts at 7/6c right here on and in the KCA App.

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