Great Discoveries

Posted on Oct 14, 2013

Great Discoveries 1

In celebration of Columbus' discovery of America, we're taking the time to honor some other great discoveries! Can you imagine a world where Sanjay and Craig weren't BFFs? We think not. So, let's give it up to Nick's biggest and best findings in history! First up? Sam and her ham. When this girl discovered her favorite treat of meat, it was love at first bite. And her life was forever changed for the butter, err, better!

Top 5 Butt Kickers!

Posted on Aug 22, 2013


Today we're counting down the 5 most awesome butt kickers that we know! Why? Well, because they kick so much butt every day, we thought it was time they got some props. So who makes this list of Nick's coolest and fiercest fighters? Let the countdown begin!

KCA Buttkicker Face Off

Posted on Mar 11, 2013

buttkicker faceoff image 1

If anyone can fight their way to a blimp, it's one of the KCA Buttkickers. It's what they're famous for! But how are their battle skills in the ring? We're about to find out. We're pitting our KCA noms against some of the fiercest fighters we know, just to test their chops. So how would Buttkicker Dwayne Johnson do against the highly-trained turtle warrior, Leonardo? Let the face off begin. Ding ding!


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