Countdown to the KCAs with 2011 Hosts!

Posted on Apr 2, 2011

It's live! That's right! The Kids' Choice Awards Orange Carpet has kicked off! The celebs are lining up to get their pics taken and get their interviews on. And guess who's hosting the orange carpet fun?! iCarly star Noah Munck, Daniella Monet, Jeff Sutphen, and Aaron Fresh! They'll be chatting with all of our faves all night and asking them all the burning questions we have! Can't wait to see what they'll all be wearing and who dressed to impress get slimed!


Noah's Weirdest Wardrobes

Posted on Jan 22, 1913

Blog Image Noah Weirdest Wardrobes Image 1

Gibby is notorious for his impulsive shirt-shedding, but sometimes we think he looks wackier with his shirt on! From leopard print pants to Hawaiian tees, Noah Munck's wardrobe has a few quirks for sure. So we thought it would be super fun to count down Gibby's weirdest wears...


Noah Munck's BIO

We know Noah Munck best as the laughably lovable and frequently shirtless Gibby Gibson on iCarly. But Noah is more than just a side-splitting sidekick. He's also been a killer KCA host, a big screen movie star, and a commercial king! Noah first broke into Hollywood as a commercial actor, but he quickly found his rightful place on iCarly, and recently, he’s even scored some new noteworthy roles! Noah Munck can now join rank as one of Hollywood's greatest gifted goofballs.

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