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Spy The Lie: Noah Munck

Posted on Apr 23, 2013

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Get ready all you mystery solvers! It's time for another round of Spy the Lie. It's the game where you get to show off your smarts about your fave stars. How do you play? Well, it's pretty simple... we give you three facts and you decide which one is completely bogus. And today, we're playing the game with iCarly's very own Noah Munck!

Why The Funny Face?

Posted on Apr 18, 2013

Noah Munck Funny Face 1

Oh Noah, we've come to know and love your totally bonkers behavior. And though you've been managing to keep your shirt on lately, you'll always be silly. But the best kind of silly! We all heart Noah 'cause he makes us laugh. In fact, he can give us the giggles even in a picture! Like this one, for example, where's he's making a fantastically funny expression. It made us chuckle so much, that we just had to ask, Why the Funny Face?

Alien Invasion!

Posted on Apr 5, 2013

Marvin Marvin Alien Invasion 1

It's an alien invasion!! Well, not really. Don't freak out or anything. We are doing something out-of-this-world, though. We're making our fave stars into aliens! We heart Lucas Cruikshank as Marvin so much, we started wondering, what would it be like if more of our beloved Nick stars turned martian? What planets would they hail from? What would they eat? Would they have three sets of eyes?! Check it out.

Who's Pranking The Nick Stars?

Posted on Apr 1, 2013


Did you hear?! There's something crazy going down at the Nickelodeon studios!! We've been getting a number of strange reports from our Nick stars about a certain-someone wreaking havoc on the set. But who is this mysterious prankster? That's where you come in... We need your help figuring it out! This looks like a classic case of whodunit...

Noah Munck's Favorite Gibby Quotes

Posted on Feb 24, 2013

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Why do we love Gibby Gibson? Is it his love for liquid soap and unicorns? Is it the way he likes to draw on fruit when he's nervous? Or is it how he will tear off his shirt in a moment's notice? Actually, it's all of the above! But we aren't the only ones who heart Seattle's funniest random dancer. Noah Munck has a soft spot for his kooky character, too. And in honor of the role that made him famous, he's dishing on all things Gibby.


Noah Munck's BIO

We know Noah Munck best as the laughably lovable and frequently shirtless Gibby Gibson on iCarly. But Noah is more than just a side-splitting sidekick. He's also been a killer KCA host, a big screen movie star, and a commercial king! Noah first broke into Hollywood as a commercial actor, but he quickly found his rightful place on iCarly, and recently, he’s even scored some new noteworthy roles! Noah Munck can now join rank as one of Hollywood's greatest gifted goofballs.

Just Joking!

The Nick Stars share some classic jokes, try not to laugh!


The battle is BACK and this time it's in Bikini Bottom!