Nick Stars' Fave Activities!

Posted on Sep 20, 2013


Fall is the perfect time to get up, get out and get active! In fact, some of your favorite Nick celebs want to encourage you to get moving, by dishing on their fave fit-ivities. Check out their top ways to play!

Cat Valentine can't go anywhere with out her adorable pink bicycle. It's very near to her heart and when she's not babysitting kids, she's babysitting her bike! It may not be as exciting as Sam's motorcycle, but it's better for exercise and hey, it won't run out of gas.

Teachers Know Best?

Posted on Sep 11, 2013

Teachers Say Best 1

In need of some back-to-school words of wisdom? You're in the right place! Err, sorta. Today we're bringing you some of the best (and weirdest) tips from your favorite Nick teachers. This WILL be on the test, so pay attention. Just kidding, there's no test. But read on anyway!

Hollywood Art's teach Mr. Sikowitz is well known for his odd-ball coaching methods. Just hear it for yourself. "I once did a show where I had to play a man in great pain. So to prepare, I threw myself down a flight of stairs. You wouldn't believe how many times I hit my head," he said. Umm, we're not really sure if that's the safest way to prep for a role, but thanks for the advice!


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