Backstage Pics From the HALO Awards!

Posted on Nov 4, 2011

Which celebrities did we spot walking the red carpet at this year's TeenNick HALO Awards? Well, the casts of Victorious, iCarly, and Supah Ninjas, just to name a few. But they didn't come just to pose for the paparazzi and chat with their fellow celebs (although, there was definitely some all-star mingling going down). They came to honor all of the giving teens and charitable causes!

But it was still an awards show, after all. So, that means tons of backstage action and celebrity pow-wows. Check out all these behind-the-scenes pics from the show!


The Supah Ninjas Cast at the HALO Awards

Posted on Nov 3, 2011

We already spotted the Victorious cast and the iCarly cast at this year's TeenNick HALO Awards celebrations. But the trio of Supah Ninjas made a kick butt cameo, too! And not only did they show up to walk the red carpet in style, but they came to support all of the helpful teens and charitable causes. They even found some inspiration of their own...


Happy Halloween From the Nick Stars!

Posted on Oct 31, 2011

Trick or tweet?! Well, we know what the Nick stars pick...They've been chirping pretty much non-stop about this spooktacular holiday! And we've got all their latest chirps, spilling their Halloween skelebrations, their stylish costumes, and their festive fall shout outs to fans. Check it out.


The Supah Ninjas Chat About 'Ishina'

Posted on Oct 28, 2011

The world's been buzzing about it, Gracie's been baking for it, and tons of supah fans have been patiently awaiting its arrival! It's the hour-long premiere of the epic Supah Ninjas special, 'Ishina'! But don't let yourself spiral into a frantic craze of anticipation, just yet. 'Cause we've got some inside deets that'll hold you over until the episode finally hits the tube tomorrow. ClevverTV sat down with Gracie Dzienny, Ryan Potter, and Carlos Knight to chat all about the upcoming supah special, and we've got all the highlights, here.


How to Dress Up Like the Supah Ninjas!

Posted on Oct 27, 2011

Sure, trick-or-treaters have dressed as red-caped superheros and weapon-ed warriors on fright nights past. Some of them have even suited themselves in ninja gear. But has anyone ever dressed up as three crime-fighting high schoolers with supah skills for vanquishing evil? Didn't think so. Be the first (other than Gracie Dzienny, Ryan Potter, and Carlos Knight) to dress as the Supah Ninjas this Halloween by following these simple steps...



Ryan Potter's BIO

There's a new quick-punching performer that just moved in to the hills of Hollywood! Ryan Potter scored the role of Mike Fukanaga; the shy, yet fearless leader of the karate-kicking clan, the Supah Ninjas. But he's a martial arts master in real life, too! Ryan grew up in Tokyo, Japan and he's been training in martial arts since he was eight years old. But after moving to the U.S, Ryan decided to take on a new hobby...acting! And now he's one of the brightest new stars in Tinsel Town. Paparazzi be warned, this Samurai-skilled celeb is fighting his way to the top the A-list.

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